Return policy of RugsnStyle

Thanks for shopping at RugsnStyle. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help.Please read our return policy before buying any product from us . We believe in “buy if you like ” . Product quality is ascertained by our quality management team . You get what you see on your screen , however handmade products can’t be exactly the same in terms of colour and design as this is a niche product being developed at small centres by the craftsman who have been making this from last few centuries. General Variation is accepted upto 10-15% all over the world and could not be contested upon.   

What is RugsnStyle return policy?

We follow a very strict return policy . We do not accept any return other than then following reasons

1) Wrong product sent.

2) Defective product.

3) Wrong Size sent.

4) ColourBleed .

5)  Damaged product as well as Any other manufacturing defect.

Item must be in the original packaging and you need to have the receipt or proof of purchase.

Cancellation, Return and Replacement

Any cancellation within 24-48 hours of placing the order are welcome. We would not accept any cancellations  after 48 hours or 2 days from the date you placed the order. We are not retailers or stockist or wholesellers, we are manufacturers and makes rugs on order only. We don’t believe in piling up our stocks . Also the prices offered by us are special prices for our customers. This is possible only if we maintain our production cost . We are directly forwarding the benefit of not holding stocks to our customers. Also there are infinite designs and trends play very important role for these products. We wish to offer new things , new designs , new color combinations and great offers to our customers as the trend moves.

Return , Cancellation and Replacement cannot be done after 48 hours of placing your order for Pre-order products or custom products –

All our products are handmade especially Rugs . Handmade products need time , energy and raw material. Once you place the order , we start our process of making a fresh piece as per your requirement. Before we set the loom for the rug we can easily cancel the order as later it is not possible. Thus incurring the loss of yarn , loom and labour .

Cancel within 24- 48 hours of ordering a product – Full Refund will be given . Customer either can ask for refund in your bank account or credit score in your RugsnStyle account. You can use these credits for your next purchase.

Cancel after 48hrs or within 2-3 days – 50 percent of your bill amount would be deducted . This is because once you place your order , we start with yarn dyeing , setting a loom and start the weaving . We start the procedure almost immediately so that we can match the delivery date . So please if you wish to cancel the order kindly do it within 24 hours as we don’t want our customers to incur any  loss unnecessarily.

Cancel order after 3 days- We are sorry but in this case we will not be able to cancel your order. Since rug would be in making it is not possible to stop the weaving in mid as the weaver had already started the job and would be completing by now .

Replacement –

Since we are maintaining a strict return policy we wanted to give our customer the option of replacing the product.

Replacement within 48 hours – Within 48 hours of ordering your product , you can replace or cancel the order with no deductions.

Replacement after 48 hours or within 3-4 or more days – if you wish to replace your order with a different design , size , colour, quality all can be done within 2 days of placing the order . Later once the product is in making we cannot change its specifications.

Decorative Mirrors , Wall Arts, otherHome Decoration Linen and Cushion Covers.

Return and Replacement

RugsnStyle is offering exclusive Home Decoration products like Decorative Mirrors , wall arts, Home Linen and cushion covers. All these products are of export quality. Return , Cancellation and Replacement policy for Prepaid and Ready to ship is as follows for these products-

Pre- Order products –Pre-order products are made only on order as per the customer requirements .So products like Mirrors , Wall arts , Rugs and any other

Are marked either Pre-order or Ready to Ship in Specification of each products.

Ready products- Ready products are those products which are ready to ship .Once the order is placed , the product is inspected, finished , packed and dispatched.The products are dispatched within 2 working days. You can cancel the order or replace it , within 2 days of of ordering at no cost . But if the product is in the transit and then you cancel the product , courier cost has to be paid by the customer.

  • Cancellation, Return or Replacement of “Ready” products with defects – If the ordered product is wrong or any manufacturing defect, customer can cancel , return or replace with a new piece. If there is a manufacturing defect , wrong size , defected product , color fade or any we would replace the product at our cost. If customer wants to cancel – Money will transferred in the customer bank account or given as credit points for next purchase . It solely depends on customer preference.

Return 0r Cancellation of “Ready” product with no defects – If the product is perfect with no manufacturing defect and is in transit or have reached the destination , the customer wants to cancel or replace the product –In this case transit cost would be deducted from the amount paid to us . Also in case of replacement, transit cost of sending the new product has to be paid by the customer.

We request our customers to buy our products and avoid cancellation of orders on any of our products as we follow a strict policy towards unnecessary returns. Any manufacturing defect would be taken care off . Since all these products are luxurious and of high cost ,we cannot hold or pile our stocks . So, please buy only if you like and avoid unnecessary returns as we don’t want our customers to waste their hard earned money .

We hope our customer understand us and help RugsnStyle to supply exclusive products at best prices with excellent quality. Have a nice day.

RugsnStyle Team.