Berinal Rug

Product_Code JR251  
Quality 2500 gsm  
Quantity Min 1 pcs  
Material 80% Jute Silk 20 % Cotton
Origin India  
Washed Washed  
Backing Cotton Backing
Weave Hand Woven  
Pile Height 7-8 mm  
Packing single piece   
Manufacturing time 5 Days  
Colour Natural  
Shipping Date Date of order + 15 Days
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Size and Weight
Size (Mtr) Ft Mtr Weight
90×150 3×5 1.44 3.6
120×180 4×6 2.16 5.4
150×240 5×8 4.08 10.2
180×270 6×9 4.86 10.8
Custom Size  Upto 180 cm Width . Length as much needed

The jute rug is made of fibers from the jute plant, which is found in Asia. This type of fiber is known for being durable, so it’s used in burlap fabric, ropes and rugs of all shapes and sizes. Despite its ability to stand up to years of use, the jute rug is surprisingly soft. In fact, it’s among the plushest of the rugs that are made of natural fibers. For example, the jute rug is softer than the sisal rug, making it perfect for rooms where you’ll be barefoot and able to fully appreciate the wool-like feel of the fibers on your feet.