Ocean Theme Cushions


Vintage Cushion covers !!!!!

Vintage cushion covers has their own grace . With vintage lifestyle coming back in home decoration fashion , we tried our best to get you these beautiful cushion covers with a vintage look . Made in jute and cotton , these are one of its kind printed cushion covers. The fabric used is very soft . We would recommend hand wash with mild detergent or dry cleaning . Limited stock . So, just select and buy before we go out of stock . With 5 different prints of Captain , Dolphion , Sea horse and more.

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Product Description

Set of 5 cushions . Vintage collection . We are trying to get you best of designs and new prints in cushions . These cushions with Ocean theme is a beautiful set of 5 in Jute . Different prints on 5 cushions makes it a good display . Very limited stock .!!!!!!

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Jute and Cotton


Beige base with blue figures.

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Are you looking for cushion covers ? We got some nice pieces for you in vintage style . Beautiful Ocean theme .

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