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Bone inlay is an art that uses delicately hand-carved pieces of camel bone or mother of pearl fixed onto a wooden frame. It usually comes in intricate patterns or one-of-a-kind pictures that are then filled in with a colored resin background.. … ..Inlay is commonly used in production of decorative furniture, where pieces of coloured wood or metal are inserted into the surface of the carcass. Lutherie inlays are frequently used as decoration and marking on musical instruments, particularly the smaller strings. …. Our beautiful range of Bone inlay furniture from Udaipur are masterpieces . Bone Inlay Furniture is incredibly striking with its intricate pattern designs and intriguing style. Specific to the Udaipur region of India, the art of Bone Inlay is a delicate skill handed down through generations of craftsmen. To create a single piece of Bone Inlay furniture, three craftsmen are employed with each handling a specific role – not only are these pieces incredibly interesting and beautiful, they are also quite unique. Buy now , you will not get these pieces at these reasonable prices . Must buy and keep these amazing furniture in your homes. Please for our foriegner clients , please mail us at khannacarpetcompany@ , if you wish to buy these master arts. All thee bkne inlay items are pre- order produ ts , We would take 30-35 days , to make a fresh piece for you. once the product is ordered.

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